Roaring Camp Railroads

Roaring Camp Railroads have not always been a tourist destination. Many years back, the Santa Cruz mountains provided an excellent logging area. And with logging, came the infamous railroads. Although today, logging is mostly gone, the one beautiful thing that still remains is the charming railway at the Roaring Camps Railroads.

Here you will get century-old steam locomotives that take the tourists on entertaining rides in the redwood country. At the same time, offering some very intimate views, no forgetting the big vistas of towering redwoods. The trains are mostly operational all-year-round.

They depart from the tiny Felton before making an hour-long trip through the forest then alight at the summit of Bear Mountain. Along the way, the train conductors share with you fascinating stories about the railroads and the region.

The other route meanders from Felton to the Santa Cruz beach through the Beach train. The beach train goes up to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Indeed, roaring camp railroads is one of the most famous lines in California that will definitely take you back in time.

What’s to Love About Roaring Camp Railroads

If you in for a fun and informative trip through the redwoods of Santa Cruz, then you are in the right place. You are about to experience the most beautiful ride in your life. You will love the following about the roaring camo railroads;

  • The roaring camp railroads have narrow-gauge tracks under trees that soar precisely at the height of 270 feet.
  • The ride in a historic open-air train from the 1880s
  • The exciting stories about the history of the railroads from the highly trained train conductor
  • The scenic trails of the Henry Cowell Redwoods State park
  • Exploring the old-fashioned California Village at Bear Mountain Summit

Where to Stay

If you are spending the night in Santa Cruz and want accommodation that’s close to the roaring camp railroads, here are some of the options you may consider;

  • The Fern River Resort; is not only a beautiful but also a safe place for families. Therefore, if you want to experience nature and the overall camping vibe, then it is just the place for you. The location is quiet and has fully furnished cabins that will ensure you have the best stay.
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Cabin; is another amazing cabin that’s suitable for a family. You will experience ultimate tranquility amongst the redwoods. What’s more, the place has proximity to the roaring camp railroads; therefore, accessibility from this cabin is not an issue.

A Quick Takeaway

People always believed that Beach Train offers the ultimate experience. However, the steam train to Bear Mountain Summit is now equally famous. The steam engines at roaring’s camp have been preserved over the years since the 1890’s.

These trains also have both the open-air and covered passenger cars. That said, if you would like to experience the open-air ones, don’t forget to carry along some ear-plugs or probably some noise cancellation headphones for toddlers and babies. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags, and book your tickets in advance then get ready for some exciting vintage experiences!

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