Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a classic seaside amusement park. In fact, it is the largest amusement park on the West Coast. The park has been operational since 1907, and therefore, it acts as a significant historical landmark in California.

While this amusement park may seem like it has been around forever, it’s not some old, musty, and dying attraction. Its popularity has not reduced even by a bit and still remains to be one of the best seaside amusement parks. And the most amusing thing about the park is that despite being over a hundred years old, it still gets incredible ratings.

That said, if you love a subtle charm of old-fashion and new school rides, then this is just the place to be. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has some of the most popular rides; the Double Shot, the Giant Dipper, the Carousel. With this tower ride, you will see some panoramic views just before you drop by 125 feet.

What’s to Love About the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park?

At the park, there is also the Haunted Castle which is basically an amped-up version of the somewhat old-fashioned house of horrors. The haunted castle lurks in the basement of the park. What’s more, you will find arcades, games, laser tag, fast food stands, miniature golf, and restaurants.

And if you are in for a nice scare try, you should probably check out the Fright Walk. It is essentially a haunted maze under the Boardwalk that will probably scare you out of your wits.

In summer, you can get free movies, especially on Wednesday nights. Also, there are free concerts that are held on Friday nights.

And another thing, the park looks a lot more breathtaking at night. So, instead of rushing out in the afternoon, you can stick around until after sundown. As a bonus, you will even get to avoid the evening rush-hour traffic.

What You Need to Know About Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Unlike most other amusement parks, Boardwalk is admission free. The park is free and open to the public; therefore, you can just walk in and take a stroll along with the colorful oceanfront scene.

All in all, if you want to get on the rides, you will have to purchase the tickets. You can get the single-ride ticket or even the ultimate all-day pass.

The best time to visit the boardwalk amusement park is during spring or fall. During this time, the place is less overcrowded. But summer remains to be ultimately the only time you will have maximum fun.

Where to Stay

If you are wondering where you will spend the night after you visit the Beach boardwalk amusement park, there is no need to panic. The Boardwalk’s Carousel Beach inn is an excellent spot for the whole family.

However, if you are on your trip with your lover and want a little romance, Sea and Sand Inn will do. Every room in this hotel has an ocean view and also offers the ideal beach getaway. There are a couple of hotels that you will find. The good thing is that there is something to fit every budget.

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