The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz

The Mystery spot in Santa Cruz is a place full of intrigue and imagination. According to the Mystery Spot website, this place is mostly a gravitational anomaly that was discovered in 1939 by surveyors, and then it was opened up for public access in 1940.

The Mystery Spot is a unique place in California where you get to experience all the thrill in the puzzling variations of height perspective and gravity. Many can attest that while at the Mystery Spot, you might think that your mind is playing games on you.

What do I mean? You will see balls rolling uphill compasses go crazy and even witness people’s height change suddenly. There is always so much optical illusion going on when you are at this place.

How Do People Feel About the Mystery Spot?

People always have different speculations about how this place came to be. Some people even believe that cones of metal were brought to this place, then buried to the ground to act as guidance systems for spacecraft.

Many have tried to puzzle to get answers, but whatever the cause, this place remains to be a mystery. The good thing is that the Spot is a beautiful old-fashioned site that’s family-friendly. Therefore, it can accommodate people of all ages. Meaning, if you are not sure where to take your family in California, you might as well want to start with the Mystery Spot.

So, What Makes this Spot Bizarre?

While ‘The Mystery Spot’ is far from the most significant tourist destination you will ever visit, it will be the most memorable among them all. At this spot, your perspective of reality is questioned. On the 45 minutes guided tour, you will see many variations of gravity that will at some point even make you question your knowledge of Physics.

On top of that, there are some exciting hiking trails in the location. They lead to the redwoods in the area. Also, the place is generally surrounded by oak trees so you can still do some more exploration after the guided tour. And that’s not all; there are plenty of other activities you can do in Santa Cruz after you visit the Mystery Spot. For instance, if the weather is friendly, you can go to the beach after that. That’s like only a 10 minutes’ drive away.

How Much Will You Need?

Well, ‘The Mystery Spot’ is a pretty affordable place that won’t break your banks to give you some fun. All in all, the fact that guided tours are limited, you will need to purchase your tickets beforehand. You can do that by checking out their website or over the phone.

You will need $6 per person for the tickets. Children under the age of three don’t have to pay for anything. However, you will need another $5 for your car parking. The best part about it all is that ‘The Mystery Spot’ is always open all-year-round.

That said, if you have been looking for a magnificent place in California to take your family, the Mystery Spot won’t disappoint. Also, you will get affordable restaurants that are ideal for families with children.

Photo Credits: Santacruzmountains