Explore the nature of Santa Cruz this February

There are still a couple of events related to the nature exploration waiting for you this February, so you certainly should attend one of them. February in Santa Cruz is a perfect time to learn more about the local natural environment by visiting fantastic film festivals dedicated to hiking and mountain exploration as well as getting immerged into the events yourself in the real time with the observation of the natural sites and the real species residing there.

This article will provide you with some of the ideas for getting closer to the nature this February.

Guided elephant seal walks

This event is going to take place on the 21st of February between 8 AM and 2:45 PM, however, you should pay your attention to the fact, it is actually a recurring event which will be repeated a couple of times until the 31st of March. Thus, even if you do not manage to attend it right now, you will still have chances to do it in the near future. By the way, you certainly should do it since elephant seal walks with a guide is a unique occasion to get closer to the impressive nature.

The entire walk will take nearly 2.5 – hour during which you will take a route of three miles. As you can guess, the event is dedicated to the observation of elephant seals. These mammals come to the shore of Ano Nuevo State Park. There, seals are establishing their hierarchy. It is also an especially crucial time for the species since this is exactly the moment when the pregnant females of elephant seals are giving a birth to their offspring ashore.

You might be wondering what will happen to the programme of the event in case the weather is not good. Rest assured the walks will happen regardless of weather and you will be able to observe the amazing event even if the trails become extremely muddy it is pretty windy or even rainy. For that reason, it is highly recommended to really choose your outfit very carefully and put on several layers of clothes as well as some good shoes.

Note that for this event, you will not need a mask. Unfortunately, the event cannot be attended with a stroller. Pets are not allowed to the site and it is also forbidden to take an umbrella. Still, in case you have some special accessibility needs, you will still be able to attend the event. You just should apply for a modified version of the event which is held along the boardwalk.

The entire event has a price of 7 USD per person, however, you will also need to make a paid reservation of 3.99 USD. In order to attend the walks with elephant seals, you should contact Ano Nuevo State Park.

Banf Sentre Mountain Film Festival World Tour

How about spending three hours watching some of the most creative and thrilling films shown in Rio Theatre on the 25th of February? Actually, there are two more days when you can attend the festival which are the 26th and the 27th of February. The 27th is actually the last day of the festival.

The topic of the festival is everything regarding the exploration of mountains as the stories you will be able to witness are provided by the 45thBanff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival. The things you will be able to see are certainly absolutely breath-taking.

By the way, pay your attention to the fact, the festival is a fund-raising festival which has an aim of supporting the Wilderness Orientation programme as well as the student-led trips of Adventure Rec.

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