Visit Santa Cruz to celebrate the wine culture

If you are a real wine devotee, you might be looking for an opportunity to combine your summer vacations in beautiful location with a possibility of tasting delicious wine. Fortunately, there are many destinations of this type and California is one of the most attractive of them.

This American state is known for its wine manufacturing around the globe, whereas the state itself has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are looking for a nice place to stay in California and enjoy all of its attractions, you should certainly go to Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz vineyards

Santa Cruz is a home to a large number of vineyards that are worth your attention. They are extremely picturesque due to the unique landscape of Santa Cruz as this country lies on the ocean shore and is surrounded by magnificent redwoods. This is undeniably a perfect place for everyone who loves nature.

The vineyards of Santa Cruz are also known for the exquisite and delicious local wine that you certainly would like to try. Fortunately, the majority of these vineyards are organising regular tasting events and generally invite people for dining and wine tasting.

Numerous wine festivals

Santa Cruz is also known for its amazing festivals and celebrations dedicated to the wine culture. During the year and especially in the summer, you will have an opportunity to come here and enjoy live music, local food as well as many amazing attractions while tasting local wine.

Quite often such events are also combined with art festivals and provide their visitors with an opportunity to enjoy local art, shop for artworks and visit special artisans’ markets with handmade goods.

Tasting at festivals usually requires purchasing a special Festival Glass which will be used for getting your wine. Its price depends on the exact event, however, a standard cost of such a tasting glass is 20 USD. Note, there are also events which require purchasing tasting tokens. These tokens are then used as a festival currency for purchasing wine for tasting.

By the way, the tasting events are usually combined with beer tasting as well so that you can enjoy the celebration with someone who prefers beer to wine. Many such festivals are even children-friendly offering entertainment and attractions for kids.