Capitola Village Visit in Santa Cruz

We can barely talk about the Capitola village in Santa Cruz without using the word Quaint to describe it. Everything comes down to the beauty and charm of its Mediterranean-inspired seaside towns. The town features some nestled buildings with colorful exteriors that seamlessly complement the picturesque ocean views.

What’s more, Capitola village has a unique atmosphere, and on top of that, there are many shops and galleries, although most of them are family-owned. You can’t help but notice them beckoning to you with the eye-catching window displays and exciting names coined cleverly.

The best way to have fun while shopping at the Capitola Village is going to with the spontaneous approach. You never know what you might discover in this breathtaking village. But the good thing is that there is always something for everyone, from funky jewelry, to cute beach attires, local art, and the ideal vacation memento.

Activities to Engage In Capitola Village

In Capitola, there is the thrill in the bustling Capitola Beach. Also, the exciting Esplanade park that’s just in front of the beach. During the summer months, there are often bandstands that come with live music and a free movie series screening of the most popular movies at the time.

On top of that, you can go shopping for sun umbrellas, biggie boards, and beach chairs at the rental trailers along the beach. Also, you can get both men and women beach apparel from the boutiques down the street.

Also, you can grab a souvenir to take home from the family-owned Village Mouse. This place comes with a fantastic holiday décor and beachy home decor. Along the same line, you can get studio-proof paintings from the local artists.

Restaurants to Dine

If you are wondering where to dine when on your trip to Capitola Village, there is no need to worry. There are a couple of options that you can consider. If you want a fun spot where you can enjoy live music on the beach, you can consider Zelda’s On The Beach.

There is also the Paradise Beach Grille that offers a comfortable dining room along with a lively lounge and an incredible torch-lit patio. The restaurant overlooks the beach and Soquel Greek.

Where to Stay in Capitola Village

The one thing that you will never miss in Capitola Village is the complex seaside landscape that features colorful houses. Back in 1925, these houses were built as condominiums. The intent was to bring a unique vibe and the Venice charm in Capitola.

You will also get the Capitola Venetian Hotel that offers incredible accommodation. In that, you will get multi-bedroom rooms with a living area and kitchen. The best part is that the hotel has excellent proximity to most of the amenities in Capitola Village.

A Quick Takeaway

Capitola Village is one of the most captivating places that give us a casual glimpse of recreation and leisure in America. The town also has a rich history and quite a scenery which makes it quite a hotbed for most tourists.

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