Your guide to Santa Cruz gifts

Are you looking for amazing gifts from Santa Cruz to give to your family and friends? There are many amazing options available to the tourists visiting this popular location. Here you will find some amazing ideas for souvenirs to take with you from the most picturesque region of California.

The surf culture of Santa Cruz

Surfing is an intricate part of the Santa Cruz culture and lifestyle, so, this is one of the great ideas for your Santa Cruz gifts. You will be able to spread the amazing vibes of Santa Cruz on others if you share with them some of the surf ware purchased in this area.

One of the most outstanding brands when it comes to surfing is undeniably O’Nell. The products manufactured by O’Nell can be purchased in Nolands on the Wharf, Surf City Santa Cruz, Capitola Beach Company and Freeline surf Shop. Of course, O’Nell is not the only brand for surf ware available there as these shops are filled with amazing stuff.

If you are prefer giving experience as a present, you can always purchase surf lessons from one of the local surf experts.

Delicious and unique treats from Santa Cruz

Even though you might not be able to easily come up with a traditional food treat for Santa Cruz so that you are able to take it as a gift for your family and friends, the region has a number of amazing shopping venues where you can get absolutely unique products manufactured exactly in Santa Cruz.

Gourmet Chocolate at Mutari

Are you looking for a present for a real chocolate gourmet? In such a case, you should check Gourmet Chocolate at Mutari which is an absolutely exclusive place when it comes to shopping for treats made of chocolate.

The place is run by people who are total connoisseurs and perfectionists when it comes to cocoa and chocolate. They have several crucial rules for their production. For instance, they are using cocoa of a single origin for manufacturing their amazing products. Another crucial requirement for the raw products they are using for their chocolate creations is coming from ethical sources.

The offer of Gourmet Chocolate at Mutari is terrific with its baked goods, hot chocolates, praline, truffles and much more. Do not forget to taste their ice cream while shopping for gifts here.

Ashby Confections

Do you need a gift for a person whose expectations are not easy to be met, you can find some absolutely exclusive goods at Ashby Confections.

The offer of this venue is a wonderful variety of 100% handmade candies of absolutely different types. The things which can be found here truffles, chocolates, pralines, tortoises, caramels, fruit confections and many more. All of these amazing sweet treats are not only delicious but also beautiful.

Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria

Are you looking for some unique pastries which can be presented to your family and friends as gifts from Santa Cruz? In such a case, you should visit Delicious Bakery Delights from Gayle’s. This place has award-winning pastries and breads in its offer, so you will certainly find something which will satisfy even the most demanding individuals.

Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria has a regular offer as well as a seasonal one, super special desserts and much more.

The Pacific Cookie Company surf cookies

If you are looking for a present for your surf enthusiast but are not sure about getting some surf ware, you can choose one of the dozen cookies of fantastic tastes offered as Surf City Cookie Tower by Pacific Cookie Company.

Alcoholic drinks from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has a fantastic offer of local alcoholic beverages of various types. Needless to say a bottle of something delicious and buzz-making can be a prefect gift for many people.

Local Santa Cruz wine

Santa Cruz is widely known for its vineyards and wineries manufacturing local wine of the highest quality. There are tens of such places all around the county where you can purchase local wine.

Local beer

There is a number of breweries in Santa Cruz as well. Perfect places for shopping for craft brews is Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing and Lupulo Craft Beer.

Local ciders

You might have already learnt about the long history of the apple gardening in the Santa Cruz County. Needless to say, apple gardens are giving not only fresh and juicy fruit but also perfect material for the creation of sparkling ciders.

One of the most outstanding cider manufacturer in the area is Martinelli which is located in Watsonville. It traditional cider is known as Sparkling Apple, however, the offer of this manufacturer goes beyond such a classic drink. Here, you can also purchase a variety of ciders made of different combinations of fruits. Such beverages as Sparkling Apple-Peach, Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate as well as Sparkling Blush are among the most favourite products offered by Martinelli.