Halloween on the wharf in Santa Cruz

Are you already prepared for Halloween? If not, you still have a chance to do it and one of the best ways to create a truly Halloween mood is to visit the Santa Cruz Wharf.

The 13 Days of Halloween on the Wharf event started on the 19th of October but it will last till the very Halloween day offering the residents and visitors of The Santa Cruz County thirteen days of horrifying fun! It is high time to take your family or friends and check the event.

Where is the event held?

During the entire thirteen days of celebration, the event is organised on the Santa Cruz Wharf. If you are not well-acquainted with this place, you should know it is located exactly in Santa Cruz. Actually, the Santa Cruz Wharf is the same as Municipal Wharf.

When is the event held?

As you have just learnt, the event is held during thirteen days. It started on the 19th of October and there are still several days to go. The event ends on the 31st of October but it will still be waiting for visitors during the entire day.

What is waiting for you during 13 Days of Halloween on the Wharf?

There are several amazing activities organised during the celebration of Halloween in Santa Cruz. One of the most crucial of them is the Great Pumpkin Bingo Hunt, however, it is not the only entertainment you can count on. Other peculiar things are Photo Booth on the Wharf Stage, Wharf Specials as well as Trick-o-Treating on the Wharf. Note that the latter one will be held only on the 31st of October whereas the rest of activities are available to the visitors during the entire thirteen days of celebration.

The Great Pumpkin Bingo Hunt

As the name of this activity suggests, you will be invited to search for hidden pumpkins on the wharf. If you want to participate in bingo, you will need to download a special BINGO card and carry it with you any time you are going to the Wharf. Here, you will need to search for hidden pumpkins. You will find the images of the hidden pumpkins on the BINGO card. The ones you will find should be matched with the ones on your card. Anytime they are matched, you will get a stamp on your card. Of course, the aim is to match as many images as you can!

Photo Booth on the Wharf Stage

Certainly, you will need some festive photos of yourself or yourself and your family and friends. The scenic photo booth available to the visitors of the Wharf is a perfect place to make such a photo. The landscape of the photo will include the beautiful Monterey Bay as well as the Santa Cruz Lighthouse.


Certainly, any celebration should include festive specials. The nearby restaurants of Santa Cruz are welcoming you to have a state of real Halloween whereas the gift shops are offering a variety of amazing souvenirs.

Trick-o-Treating on the Wharf

Finally, the best time to show your Halloween costumes is during Trick-o-Treating on the Wharf. this event will be held on the 31st of October between 3pm and 6 pm.