Celebrate the Wine Month of California in Santa Cruz

Do you know this month is an official Wine Month in Santa Cruz? Certainly, it is a perfect time to explore the local vineyards as well as microbreweries located in the area. In fact, Santa Cruz has more than seventy tasting rooms and wineries. Needless to say, it is an ideal place for relishing the taste of Californian wine.

Where can you enjoy a glass of the Santa Cruz County wine?

Santa Cruz County is an ultimate destination not only for the people looking forward to surf or explore the natural beauty of its unique landscapes but also for people who love wine.

Corralitos Wine Trail

Santa Cruz County is known for its Corralitos Wine Trail which is an area occupied by six family-owned wineries. Corralitos Wine Trail will give you an unforgettable experience of relishing wine surrounded by exceptionally beautiful surroundings. This area is located among horse farms, apple orchards and redwood trees. You can imagine how peaceful the surroundings in this region are allowing its visitors to enjoy their evening glass of wine viewing the bucolic landscape.

Some of the most notable wineries which are the part of Corralitos Wine Trail are Storrs Winery, organic Hidden Springs vineyard, Nicholson Vineyards’ which welcomes not only the devotees of wine but also their pets, Lester Estate Wines which is surrounded by rolling hills.

Other curious places for tasting wine during the Wine Month in Santa Cruz

Annieglass which is located in Watsonville is a great place for artists who would like to relish a glass of amazing wine and have a creative time. The place combines Craftbar and Wine Tasting which provide visitors with wine of the highest quality and creative space for painting and drawing.

In case you are interested in history, you might be willing to visit the oldest winery of Santa Cruz County. This winery is Bargetto established in 1933. The winery has been operated by the family which created it since its very establishment.

Pet-friendly wineries and taste rooms

Providing you are willing to take your pet with you while having some relaxing time at one of the Santa Cruz wineries, you certainly need to know where pets are allowed. Fortunately, there are several areas here when you can take your pet.

Alfaro Family Vineyards located at 40 Hames Road, Corralitos is pet-friendly, but you should remember to make a reservation. The place is opened between 12pm and 5 pm.

Bargetto Winery is also pet-friendly, however, you should not pets are allowed only in the Creekside courtyard area. Bargetto Winery is situated at 3535 North Main Street Soquel and it has the same working hours like Alfaro Family Vineyards.  Cantine Wine Pub located at 8050 Soquel Drive in Aptos is pet-friendly as well. Pay your attention to the working hours of this place as the vary according to the day of the week.

Nicholson Vineyards is one more place where you can come with your pet. This vineyard is located at 2800 Pleasant Valley Road in Aptos.

Other pet-friendly places to taste wine in Santa Cruz County are Soquel Vineyards and Storrs Winery – Corralitos, Storrs Winery – Old Sash Mill.