A guide to the events in Santa Cruz County in November

September in Santa Cruz County is the time of amazing festivals. It is a perfect moment to enjoy art and music. October is the month filled with other great events such as the festival of wine known as Santa Cruz Mountains Vintners’ Festival, the chili cooking contest, the Monte Foundation Fireworks Extravaganza festival of fireworks and much more.

What is waiting for you in Santa Cruz County in November? This guide will help you to plan your time ahead!

The Monarch Grove self-guided tours

Enjoy an absolutely unique experience of observing monarchs during the Monarch Grove. The Natural Bridges State Beach is the place where monarchs usually arrive in mid-October. This is the time when you have a chance to observe them in the picturesque surroundings of what is called The Monarch Grove Trail. The peak time for observation is in late November and the beginning of December. For that reason The Monarch Grove Trail at The Natural Bridges State Beach takes place starting from mid-October and ends on the 30th of November.

During this period, you can participate in a self-guided tour. The exact address of Natural Bridges State Beach is 2531 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. You can arrive to the place as early as at 8am and be there until sunset.

Note there is parking available for $10.

Hot Rods at the Beach

Come to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz on the 6th of November to enjoy the gathering of hundreds hot rods in one place! Prepare to see amazing cars of various types including classic and vintage automobiles as well as various custom, muscle and street rods. All of them will be exhibited in the Boardwalk Parking Lot.

The admission is free.

Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival

If you are going to Santa Cruz to have explore hot rods, you should also go to Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival which is held on the 6th of November as well.

Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival is a unique event which allows artists working with sea glass to exhibit their amazing works, while the aim of the event is to help the marine environment of Santa Cruz County.

This year, over forty artists are planning to take part in the festival. The event also includes various forms of entertainment including the opportunity to win a basket of wonderful gifts. You can also purchase access to the food and bar served during the festival.

The exact location of Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival is Cocoanut Grove, 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz.

Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market

Are you looking for some pleasant way to spend a Saturday or some additional option for shopping? In November, you can visit Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market!

Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market is a perfect place for shopping for healthy organic products such as fresh pasture-raised meat and eggs as well as locally grown vegetables and fruits. It is also a good place if you are looking for fresh local seafood caught in a sustainable way.

At the same time, you can come to Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market just in order to enjoy amazing baked products and ready-to-eat dishes. A full espresso and coffee bar is also available.

Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market is organised on the Saturdays of November. You will find it at Scotts Valley Square Shopping Center. This place is known as the old parking lot of KMART.

Wednesday Night Sailboat Races

By the way, before November 2021, there are many amazing events in Santa Cruz County as well! One of our most favourite is Wednesday Night Sailboat Races.

Each Wednesday of October at sunset, you will have an opportunity to observe an absolutely fantastic type of a race. Just imagine seeing the ocean at sunset with its fantastic sky and sailboat races. An exciting experience is guaranteed especially if you take a good viewing area such as one of the beach or harbour restaurants.

As it has already been mentioned, Wednesday Night Sailboat Races are held through the entire October. They are organised at Santa Cruz Harbor, 135 5th Avenue, Santa Cruz.

Redwood Forest Steam Train Rides

Do not forget about the steam train rides of Redwood Forest which can be enjoyed every day. The trip  starts at the Roaring Camp and will goes in the impressive scenery redwood groves and trestles. The last part of the journey is narrow-gauge grade which is taking passengers to the summit of Bear Mountain. The way is pretty winding which is adding extra excitement to the trip.

During the ride, you will be able to listen to fascinating history of Roaring Camp, the redwood forest as well as the railroad.

The entire trip lasts for one hour.

Redwood Forest Steam Train Rides start at Roaring Camp Railroads which is located under the following address: 5401 Graham Hill Road, Felton.