Unbelievable facts about Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is regarded to be a particularly peaceful place in California, however, it has a long history filled with mysteries and bizarre stories. If you are interested in weird and even creepy stories, Santa Cruz might be of a great interest for you. In this article you will find some of the most strange facts concerning this exceptionally beautiful part of the USA.

Santa Cruz and its Lockness Monster

Everyone has heard about the Lockness Monster but not everyone is aware of a very similar creature being found in Santa Cruz, California. This might also come to you as a surprise unless you have happened to watch one of the Animal Planet’s episodes which was dedicated to Sharon Novak who, according to the editors of the programme was eating by the Lockness Monster of Santa Cruz.

The story about the Lockness Moster of Santa Cruz occurred for the first time in 1920s. Actually, the reports about this strange creature became pretty frequent.

Furthermore, in 1925 the residents of Santa Cruz found a strange body which was difficult to identify. According to the reports, the body looked like a sheer monster with a long neck of 20 feet. There were fins on the both sides of the neck. There was a beak, however, no teeth. The creature was washed on Moore Beach which is currently known as Natural Bridges. Even though the discovery of such a strange body was very exciting, there was no conclusive identification of the creature. The most logical explanation was that the body belonged to a beaked whale.

The Mystery Spot

Deep in the Redwood Forest a very strange area is located. This one is known as The Mystery Spot and it is one of the favourite tourist attractions not only in Santa Cruz but also in entire California. That is so since the visit to this weird place might totally change your perception of gravitation.

The magnetic field of the Earth of this area is pretty different from normal magnetic fields we are experiencing in other areas of our planet. Here, you will see balls rolling up instead of rolling down, whereas the buildings located here are lopsided. Some people experience the strange gravitation pull of this place to that extent that they have difficulties with overcoming dizziness afterwards.

The haunted highway of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the favourite destinations of the tourists coming to California, albeit it’s rather remote. Actually, there are only two ways to get into the city and to leave it. If you believe in the haunted places, you should be aware of the fact one of these places is presumably occupied by apparitions.

This way is known as Highway 17 and it looks like a quite windy road curving through the hilly area separating Santa Cruz from other towns and cities. If you know a bit about the history of Santa Cruz, you are certainly aware of the fact this was one of the spots of bloody battles of Native Americans. Presumably, the place is still haunted by the apparitions of Native Americans.

Certainly, if you are curious about encountering one of them, you should make a trip through Highway 17. Still, you should know that locals believe seeing one of those ghosts will make a person cursed. The curse is pretty terrible though – the person who have seen such a ghost will be dead before leaving Santa Cruz.

The highway is a frequent place for accidents though and many people really die on the road here. As you now know, there is a paranormal explanation for it.

By the way, there are many other curses in Santa Cruz. According to some beliefs, the entire Santa Cruz will soon be wiped out by a natural cataclysm which are not rare in this peaceful and picturesque place.

Monterey Bay and its El Diablo Rojo

Santa Cruz is a crucial spot for deep water exploration because of Monterey Bay located here. Monterey Bay is  one of the deepest trenches of the world ocean. Needless to say, this means we so not know about all of the creatures living in the deepest layers of the bay. Most of the times, it is possible to discover them once they get to the higher water and in many cases, even the marine life researchers are surprised by the shapes and anatomy of these unusual creatures.

One of such encounters took place in 2007 when a fisherman living in Santa Cruz noticed the water of the spot when he used to fish was suddenly empty. The lack of fish looked rather strange. When the case was reported, an entire pack of unusual giant creatures was found. Their huge size made them rather hungry pushing them into consuming all of the nearby fish.

The marine biologists were able to identify the creatures as El Diablo Rojo. This is the name used by Mexicans for calling a unique species of a giant squid which are native to this country. Such squids are huge indeed having the length of seven feet. El Diablo Rojo is travelling in packs consuming lots of fish on its way. For Santa Cruz, this unusual marine creature is not typical.