The best shopping locations in Santa Cruz

No matter whether you are enjoying your holidays in Santa Cruz or you are living here, you should definitely know about the best shopping locations here. We have created this list of the best stores and shopping malls in order to save your time and provide you with ready solutions about the places where you can count on the great shopping experience.

Patagonia Outlet Santa Cruz

If you are looking for sport clothes for your entire family or for some sport gear, Patagonia Outlet is a great place to purchase all the items you might need.

Patagonia Outlet has a large choice of sport clothes for men, women, children and babies. Here you can get such clothes as sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, vests, sweaters, T-shirts, fleece, shirts, shorts, jeans, pants, baselayers, wetsuits, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, sport bras, underwear, hats, socks and other accessories. The outlet also offers workwear as well as new and used gear. Thus, if you need any possible type of a bag such as laptop bags, travel bags, backpacks, water protective bags, slings, waist packs, totes, duffels or technical bags.

When it comes to the gear and clothes for particular kinds of sport, here you can get items for such specific activities as kitesurfing, fly fishing, mountain biking, trail running, climbing, surfing as well as winter sports.

Interestingly, the outlet is actively participating in the conservation of the natural environment. For instance, it has been pledging 1% of its sells to the restauration and preservation of nature since 1985.

The exact location of this outlet is: 415 River St Santa Cruz, CA 95060. It is opened seven days a week between 11:00 AM  and 4:00 PM.

Santa Cruz Flea Market

If you are looking for some unique items such as vintage clothing or antiques, you should certainly visit The Santa Cruz Flea Market located under the following address: 2260 Soquel Dr. Santa Cruz CA 95062.

The Santa Cruz Flea Market is opened to customers twice a week. It is opened on Saturdays 6 am – 3 pm and on Sundays at 5:30 am – 3 pm.

The market is operated by Goodwill Central Coast. In order to get really valuable items, you should come here in the early hours when vendors have just set up the wares. Then, you will have more chances of getting some real treasures here.

It is advised to take one and five dollar bills when you are visiting The Santa Cruz Flea Market.

Botanic and Luxe

Botanic and Luxe is an amazing place to purchase some unique items for home décor, gifts or home plants. Here, you will find a large variety of exclusive eco-friendly goods that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

For example, you can purchase here candles, essential oils, copal, tableware made of recycled glass, natural aromatic cleaners, air diffusers, plant misters, posters and other useful goods for your home.

Botanic and Luxe also has a large offer of natural cosmetics and food supplements including tonic for different purposes, balms, lotions, perfume, deodorants, facial cream, shampoos, masks and many other products.

The store also has its own collection of unique jewellery that is featured by simplicity and elegance so it can be a great accessory to any outfit.

Botanic and Luxe is opened to customers every day from 11 am to 5 pm. The exact address of this shop is 701A Front St Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Cotton + Rye

A wonderful shop with women’s shoes, accessories and clothing is located by the address: 741 41st Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Cotton + Rye is a great place to buy some stylish dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, tops and loungewear.

Cotton + Rye also offers a great collection of shoes, hats and jewellery. Note that the shop has its own offer of cosmetics. For instance, here you can get a travel set of the cosmetic products that are especially useful during trips.

Cotton + Rye  is open everyday at 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Other great stores with clothes, jewellery and shoes

Those visitors of Santa Cruz who really enjoy shopping in boutiques, should visit one of the following stores so loved by customers:

  • Old School Shoes;
  • Tipsy Gipsy Boutique;
  • Tomboy;
  • Wallflower Boutique;
  • Urban Outfitters.

Other interesting stores in Santa Cruz

Providing you are searching for some spiritual items, such as minerals, gemstones or herbs, you should check the offer of the following shops: Go Ask Alice and Serpent’s Kiss. Some antiques can be purchased in The Find! and Cognito Clothing.

One of the best souvenir shops here is Made in Santa Cruz.