Start your unforgettable Mount Hermon adventure today

Do you love nature and enjoy exploring woods? Are you longing for some outdoor adventures? Visit Mount Hermon and get an exhilarating experience you will never forget. You can start your adventure with the entire family including your children if they are already 10 years old. Let’s look what amazing activities are waiting for you in Mount Hermon.


Have you ever tried sequoia? This challenging activity of walking between the trees so high that you can see the tops of the trees! At Mount Hermon, the maximum height of the passages in the woods is 80 ft which makes the entire event totally breath-taking.

The route above the forest floor includes forty elements and two zip lines some of which are rather challenging.

All in all, sequoia at Mount Hermon takes two hours. It is advised to arrive 20 minutes before the start of adventure in order to prepare for it. Note that the check up process can take some 10 minutes. The following 10 minutes are earmarked for a meeting with the guides and getting geared up.

Undeniably, an essential part of sequoia is a short safety school, during which you will learn about the safety system used at Mount Hermon. You will also have a chance to practise while being on the ground.

The exploration of the passages between the trees itself takes 90 minutes. The last 10 minutes are given for checking the photos and de-gearing.

The active adventure of sequoia at Mount Hermon costs $79 per person.

Redwood Canopy Tour

If you are thirsty for even more thrilling experiences, you should try Redwood Canopy Tour.

All in all, there are six zip lines as well as two suspension bridges located almost twice higher than the passages of sequoia. Thus, the maximum height you can reach during Redwood Canopy Tour is 150 ft. On the one hand, Redwood Canopy Tour offers an absolutely mind-blowing activity during which you feel as if you were flying between the branches of the gigantic ancient trees. On the other hand, you will have an opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about the local ecology due to the two tour guides who are accompanying the participants of the canopy tour.

Redwood Canopy Tour is also suitable for children of at least 10 years of age. The maximum number of people allowed on the tour at a time is 8. The price per person is $99.

The plan of this activity is similar to the one the sequoia at Mount Hermon. The entire time of the tour is 2 hours, whereas the activity of the canopy tour itself takes 90 minutes.

Team Courses at Mount Hermon

If you wish to increase the unity of your team, teaching the teammates to cooperate better so as they will be more productive and effective together, you can book one of the Mount Hermon team courses. For example, your team can attend Team Play/ Sequoia Aerial Adventure which includes group activities and the sequoia aerial adventure with over thirty elements as well as two zip lines.

Larger teams can participate in Team Play/ Combo which combines both the Redwood Canopy Tour and Sequoia Aerial Adventure. Due to this fact, the teammates will have a chance to choose between several activities.

There is also a separate Team Play/ Redwood Canopy Tour as well as Zayante Team Building Course offering the teammates an absolutely unique experience crucial for building healthy interpersonal relations.

Don’t forget about the Adventure Gift Boxes offered by Mount Hermon. The gift boxes contain a voucher for two guests either for the Redwood Canopy Tour or for Sequoia Aerial Adventure, a stylish mug made of glazed ceramic, a coupon that can be used for getting a photo made during the adventure as well as fridge magnet made from wood.